Haven Hill Kennel Boston Terriers and Bull Terriers in South Carolina
About Us
Haven Hill is located on beautiful Paris Mountain among the forests and waterfalls of Greenville, South Carolina.

Deide is a fine artist and retired k9 groomer by trade. She owned a k9 spa and kennel before moving to SC. She started out training in the obedience ring in the 1980's at age 12, and later became interested in AKC conformation after her beloved Saluki, Caje's Ramses. "Middy" placed in the Saluki national specialty in 1989. She lived in downtown Pittsburgh while attending the Art Institute until 1995, and shortly after purchased her first Boston. Deide is a past member of the BTCA, the Boston Terrier Club of Detroit and former webmaster for BTCD. Matt is a mechanical engineer and automotive Engineering Program Manager in the auto industry. He has 3 degrees including two Masters in both Mechanical Engineering and Business Administration. Over the years he has traveled internationally for the Big 3 auto manufacturers in Detroit, more recently South Carolina programs for Mercedes, Volvo, and Harley Davidson. Matt loves the Doberman breed and can usually be found with a 70 lb Dobe on his lap. He was raised in Detroit where he worked as a kid taking care of the animals in his grandparents' chain of pet stores - this helped foster his love of dogs from an early age.

Past. Present. Future.
Deide purchased her first Boston in 1996 and has been in love with this intelligent and devoted breed ever since. Haven-Hill began in 2000 with the purchase of our 3rd Boston Terrier "Morgan."  Morgan finished her CH in the AKC breed top 20 rankings, owner handled. We went on to show several Bostons after that. We operated under the "Deisign" kennel prefix at that time, then "Haven-Hill" in 2010.

After moving to Greenville, SC in 2014 we purchased our first Bull Terrier and Whippet.

The Future: As our last dear, elderly Boston and Dobe have passed away, 2020 will bring with it a venture into the AKC ring with our Whippets.


We are lifetime dog fanciers dedicated to the magnificent history and preservation of purebred dogs; we believe in upholding the AKC breed standard.  Our Dogs are raised as naturally as possible; this includes lots of fresh air and outdoor exercise on our secure property, a minimal science-based vaccine protocol using titer testing for healthy immune function, and fresh whole foods added to our diet. We have been incorporating Natural Rearing and raw feeding into our program for over 20 years. We have a special interest in epigenetics, and how health, nutrition, and COI impact future generations of purebred dogs. Health, structural soundness, temperament, and beauty are our primary goals when we consider a potential breeding.

We do not breed for non-standard colors, extreme heads, small/large sized dogs, or other physical traits that may affect the quality of life of our animals.  We do not allow animals in our program that require medical treatments, antibiotics or other drugs to maintain health. We use and highly encourage Holistic Veterinary care in addition to allopathic medicine. Our dogs are DNA screened, health tested, and highly skilled couch ornaments ;)

Many thanks to Jill and Dr. Ritchey of Sunwood for the wonderful dogs they have entrusted us with, and to Dr. Jeannie Thomason for her kind nature and continued guidance in Natural-Rearing in animal husbandry.

We are privileged to share our lives with these magnificent creatures; they take part in our daily activities and are an integral part of our family. Not only are they wonderfully engaging, they are our friends and companions.

~ Deide and Matt