Haven Hill Kennel Boston Terriers and Bull Terriers in South Carolina

~Waiting List Application Contact Form~

There are no right or wrong answers, just information we need to contact you; a streamlined way for you to let us know what you are looking for, and lifestyle information we may need to touch on to ensure your new puppy has a great start.

Please understand that we are unable to respond to each application if we have nothing available. We save your application for a year or longer incase anything becomes available, then contact you when a litter is born.

Current puppy availability is here: Available Puppies and Dogs

I do not accept deposits on puppies until they are 2 weeks old to ensure everyone is thriving and your life plans have not changed. This is a no obligation list, however I do ask that you are serious, have researched the breed, and have spoken with all family members before submitting form. 18 years and older only.

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