Haven Hill Kennel Boston Terriers and Bull Terriers in South Carolina

 Diet Information 

The foods and supplements listed here are what your dog or puppy from Haven Hill is used to eating each day.

Raw Whole Foods
We feed fresh, raw, whole foods to our adults. Dogs require nutrients, enzymes and natural prebiotics only available from fresh foods - just like you and I and all living animals, to thrive and maintain long term health.

Dogs derive all they need to thrive from fresh meat, including taurine which is essential for heart health. Fresh foods have high bio-availability of nutrients, and raw bones keep teeth healthy and spotless into old age with zero cleanings.

Local meat plants are a great source where you can buy cases at reasonable prices. We keep a large chest freezer for our dog food. Pre made raw mixes are a great convenience for pet owners with 1 or 2 dogs. We have used BRAVO pre made ground mixes in the past.

Large whole turkey necks and cubes of beef heart are great options for beginners.

A great resource for everything raw and biologically appropriate for canines and cats can be found HERE.
Pro Plan Sport 30/20 Purple Bag
 Pro Plan Sport 30/20. The protein, calorie, and fat ratio keeps dogs in great body condition, and adequate energy for active Bull Terriers. This is the food your Haven Hill dog has been eating. Pro Plan Focus Lamb and Rice for puppies. Rotate between all PP sport varieties for adults. Bright Mind for senior dogs. Pro Plan Salmon Sensitive Skin if needed.

We do not use grain-free varieties of any kibbles at this time, as they have been implicated in a k9 heart disease epidemic possibly due to protein levels in grain free foods being artificially boosted high with plant based legumes.
Research is currently ongoing. Current FDA Reports.

We highly recommend keeping your dog on this formula indefinitely. We have fed high end grain free foods for decades, but we are erring on the side of caution until the FDA resolves the current dietary issue mentioned above. Pro Plan has not shown to be an at-risk food. We rotate between all Pro Plan varieties based on needs, using the sport 30/20 for the youngest and most active dogs who need more calories and fat. We buy here at Chewy for free delivery.

Fresh raw eggs
 We raise our own flock of Easter Eggers here and the adult dogs get fresh raw eggs and shells about every other day. Our hens are fed organic food, and free range in the forest on bugs and plants. Their eggs have deep gold yolks that are packed full of protein, biotin, and nutrition, with strong, thick shells. Wash store bought eggs well when feeding shells treated with cleaners.
NuVet Vitamins
We have been using NuVet  since 2008 and recommend keeping your puppy on NuVet once they leave us.

We use our NuVet wafer as a daily reminder for a quick 5 minute training routine, providing a healthy vitamin as a reward instead of spending cash on unhealthy treats. It makes a great daily training reward for potty training, crate training, sit, stay, etc.

Information on NuVet is here on our STORE
We use  fish oil found ot Costco for added omega 3's skin, heart, coat, joint, and immune health.
We rotate between fish oils, unrefined coconut oil, and MCT oil.

Dehydrated Liver
100% American freeze dried liver with no byproducts or grain. The healthiest treat or training reward you can offer. A MUST for healthy and bite sized puppy training rewards.  We buy them here on Chewy . These are high value rewards that the dogs go nuts over. We call them "Canine Crack."
Bone Broth and tumeric
We use  bone broth made with organic marrow bones and tumeric to sooth upset stomachs, or to offer to a dog that is recovering from surgery or illness. It is also packed full of nutrition, minerals, and vitamins for puppies.

~ Stock pot with several inches of filtered water
~ 1lb organic skinless chicken
~ Raw organic soup bones or marrow bones
~ Tumeric powder 2 tbsp, powerful natural anti inflammatory
~ Pink Himalayan salt, just a dash for palatability and electrolites
~ Organic greens and celery, 1 cup chopped for added vitamins and minerals ( NO ONIONS)

1. Simmer marrow bones only, lightly in water overnight, or for at least 4+ hours on low in a slow cooker.
2. Add chicken and other ingredients and slow cook for another 4 hours on low.
3. Skim out and discard any large vegi pieces - they are just there to seep vitamins into the broth.
4. Shred chicken with 2 forks before cooling.

Plain bone broth can also be made minus the chicken meat and with the cooked veggies removed if you want to fast the dog with minimal food for a few days to allow his body to heal itself.

*(Remove and discard all bones before serving. Cooked bones can splinter and should never be fed.)*
*(Never use store bought broth that often contains toxic onion powder that will poison your dog)*

Canned pumpkin
Plain canned 100% pumpkin (no added spices or sugar)

Canned pumpkin is a simple remedy to keep on hand for constipation or diarrhea. It is a bland food, and adds bulk and moisture to the stool.

We typically offer 1/4 -1/3 of a small can to a puppy or small dog, 1/2 can to a medium dog, and a full can to a large dog.