Haven Hill Kennel Boston Terriers and Bull Terriers in South Carolina
our 2019 Bull Terrier puppies are with their families
No Bull Terrier or Whippet puppies are available or planned at this time.

Puppy Information & FAQ

We are located in western South Carolina with shipping to most areas. Our dogs are only placed in exceptional homes , ready for the commitment and responsibility of adding a permanent new family member. We invest much time, love, testing, training, and expense into our dogs , and our pups desire the same quality of care and love from families they are placed with . Pups are raised in our home, socialized with people, other dogs and a cat. Videos are taken weekly so owners who can watch the puppies grow and have peace of mind that your pup is being raised in a clean, loving, family environment with the best of everything.

Companion puppies are sold with AKC pet registration and start at $1,500 depending on age, etc. We only place full reg dogs with ethical breeders who have a track record of health testing.


AKC Companion Registration
AKC Reunite Microchip Implanted with Enrollment Pre Paid
All Age Appropriate Preventative Health Work Completed
Full Veterinary Exam with Paperwork
Vitamin Starter Pack
Food Starter Pack
Written Health Guarantee
Travel Crate and Accessories (If flown)
Additional Vet Issued Health Certificate (If flown or Shipped)

Airline Delivery

  • Flights cost 360. (Includes reservation, flight health certificate, vet flight apt, travel crate and accessories, acclimation cert., etc)
  • Puppies may fly out of GSP Greenville, SC to the airport nearest to your home. (Temperature restrictions apply and must remain between 20 and 80 degrees at all points, however all pet flights are 100% temperature controlled for comfort in the pet section of the plane. We are experienced exporting and importing dogs safely to as far away as Europe. We handle all reservations and paperwork on our end, you simply arrive at pick up time in your city.)
  • Small puppies may be taken in-cabin as a carry-on with owner's reservation if you prefer to fly personally. This requires a regular passenger ticket, with an add-on for a small dog. (You book this)
  • We can meet you at GSP for hand delivery if you fly in yourself.
  • We do not ship to countries that require dogs to be held in gov't rabies quarantine facilities.

Ground Delivery

  • Ground delivery options are available via professional k9 transporter.
  • K9 Transporter prices vary based on distance so a personal quote is needed.
  • We can meet you personally part way up to 2 hours one-way from Greenville, SC for free.
  • Personal delivery flat gas fee of $150 charged for anything over 2 hours to 3 hours max one-way.
  • Door-to-door prices by a 3rd party transporter can be comparable to flights, but increases with distance.

Pick Up
  • Puppies can be picked up after 8 weeks of age on the date we arrange.
  • We are located on Paris Mountain right outside of downtown Greenville in western SC.  Aprox 1 hour south of Asheville, NC. 2 hours from Atlanta, Georgia, 2 hours from Charlotte, NC, 2 hours from Columbia, SC.


  • We do not accept deposits until puppies are at least 4 weeks to ensure that your life plans have not changed and you are ready for a puppy at the time it will become available. This gives both us and you time to see each individual puppy develop its own personality so it can be matched properly with your family needs. We want to ensure that the pup we have right now is the best match for you before you make a decision to reserve him or her, as each pup is a unique indivudual.
  • Deposit is to reserve and hold the puppy you choose and is subtracted from the final amount.
  • After your deposit is received we will mark him/her as sold, remove any ads, and hold for you until 8 weeks when final balance is due.
  • Deposits placed after 4 weeks are non-refundable as we then pull all paid ads and turn away other families who are interested in your puppy.
  • Deposits are 100% refunded in the case that something happens on our end causing your pup to no longer be available. We do not require your deposit to be applied to a future litter.

Accepted Deposit Methods
  • Your bank's online banking Zelle wiring service (easiest)
  • Cash App is a simple bank debit card transaction (easiest)
  • Certified bank check or certified USPS postal money order via snail mail
  • Western Union
  • Wal Mart counter to counter
  • Certified check methods must be paid in full at least 7 business days prior to pick up or transport, in order to fully clear.

*We try to provide you with many options for convenience. Please do not request methods not listed above.
*We do not accept Pay Pal as animal transactions are against their Terms of Service.

Accepted Balance Payment
  • Cash when pup is picked up in person
  • Your bank's online banking Zelle wiring service (at least 3 business days in advance of pick up)
  • Cash App is a simple bank debit card transaction (at least 3 business days in advance of pick up)
  • Western Union (24 hours in advance of pick up)
  • Wal Mart counter to counter (24 hours in advance of pick up)

*Balance must be paid and bank-cleared before flights or transport is scheduled.
*We cannot reserve or hold a puppy for you without a deposit.
*We cannot deliver a puppy to you before puppy is paid for.
*We do not accept Pay Pal as animal transactions are against their Terms of Service.

Important FAQ for Bull Terrier Owners
  • Your Haven Hill puppy is fed Pro Plan Focus Puppy. Detailed diet info is here: Haven Hill Nutrition
  • Bull Terriers are very powerful chewers and will destroy or swallow most toys (or your house.) Bull Terrier puppies must be provided with many chew toys as they teeth heavily and longer compared to other breeds. Bully safe toys:  Nylabone Durachews    Black Kong Extreme    12" or longer large Bully Sticks as teething pacifiers When puppy begins chewing through bully sticks too quickly we switch to extra large raw beef knuckle bones from the butcher.
  • We use the only Bully proof bed that is truly indestrucible & lasts a lifetime: Kuranda Aluminum model
  • Portable pen essential for general training and housebreaking: Portable Exercise Pen
  • Heavy Duty crates we use for training and sleeping:  Bully Proof Steel Crate     Travel Crate 32" or 36"
  • The essential bible for all Bull Terrier puppy owners:  Puppy Culture     When Pigs Fly
  • Dangers at Dog Parks:  Why Dog Parks are a Bad Idea
  • Most Bull Terriers have a small "thumb print" of thin hair on the top center of their skull and over the gland at the base of the tail. This is a breed-specific trait and is 100% normal. It is important to inform your vet if they tell you the puppy needs a skin test on their skull. This is normal for the breed = no skin test is needed. Bull Terriers are a rare breed, and most vets may be unfamiliar with them. We use NuVet supplements for plush healthy coats, and a small dab of this Castor Oil on the thumb print. Castor oil is a powerful skin moisturizer, hair growth stimulator, natural fungicide, anti-inflammatory, skin and hair emmolient that will keep your Bull Terriers head and tail well moisturized. It also works well when massaged down the bridge of the nose if your Bull Terrier bangs his face up a lot while roughousing.    Details on Castor Oil for skin and coat here: Castor Oil
  • Your puppy is used to going potty on cedar flakes starting here at 4 weeks old. Place a small amount of these flakes in your yard in the spot you take your puppy to while housebreaking. This will aid in housebreaking as he is already accustomed to eliminating on the flakes. Wal mart sells small bags meant for hampster cages. Only a handful is needed in the yard to attract your puppy to the scent.
  • PETCO offers free puppy socialization supervised playtimes.
Free Puppy Playtime. Play, bond and socialize.
Every Saturday & Sunday | 1 pm

This 30-minute session provides puppies 8 weeks to 6 months a fun and supervised environment to learn social skills.
Dogs only. Proof of current vaccinations required. Not available at all locations.